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The success of The film The Martian turns out brings inspiration to a producer of potatoes in the United States to do a promotion in a different way. They brought in Matt Damon among a pile of potatoes.

resep capcay kuah by kokimgantengThis is done to promote potato potato company sold by The Albert Bartlett. The company is working with 20th Century Fox to bring the Martian accessories in the sales of their products. Sales promotions such as this is done in various supermarkets in the country that Uncle Sam.

The photo depicts a pile of potato baskets tucked the photos resep bakwan jagung ajaran ibu Matt Damon plugged in online forums and become netizen discussion Reddit. Matt Damon's face image that exists in the Martian poster looks staring at visitors who want to take the potatoes. This picture any time invite any comments.

"They are seriously losing the potential marketing of potatoes," wrote tepkel.

"Star Wars got oranges. the Martian had potatoes, "wrote Jaspers47.

"Severe Ridley Scott. I'm sure he was trying to make people go into nature, Prometheus Alien, Blade Runner, "wrote the Beard Guy.

In addition to asking permission for 20th Century Fox to attach attributes to the Martian potato company party, it also gives the lure of free tours for buyers of potatoes to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Purpose is to make customers can really experience as in the scenes of The film The Martian that.

The Martian is a film about the struggle of life Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon on Mars. Once, Watney was a botanist who was trapped when a mission to Mars until she had to grow potatoes for food and fuel to survive and wait for help.

The film had a cost of $ 108 million in the box office revenue reached $ 614.4 million. The Martian pun was awarded a Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, some of which was nominated for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay

Have you ever use crackers or fried dumplings as resep rendang padang asli dari warung padanga spoon when eating? Many who love the way because it can have a sensation of eating more, crisp and delicious in all bribes.

No need to search for crackers or friedresep soto daging asli kota kudus dumplings when wanted a spoon that can be eaten. A company creates edible spoon maker.

A tool that is named Edible Spoon Maker has the form of a portable toaster, with a similar way when baking bread. In just a short period of time, there had a spoon of eco-friendly, which is at once could be snacks.

Materials from the spoon is made up of flour dough, like a bread dough. Just before baking, the dough must be printed with special molds prior to inclusion in the Edible Spoon Maker.

Once installed in the mold of the toaster, press the sides of the appliance and then roast within three minutes. Once completed, this scrumptious spoon is ready to use.

Edible Spoon Maker party claims to be ' spoon ' creation can be used for a variety of foods, such as cereals, yogurt, soup, stew, salad and noodles.

"You can make a delicious, crunchy scoop, Browning can be consumed along with your food. The ingredients of this scoop makes the anti sticking can be removed without the need for oil, "as written in the official Edible Spoon Maker.

Fast food is resep soto ayam asli madura indeed practical and often publish their saliva. But, many also research that proves fast food is bad for health.

On the other hand, fast food fans do weird experiments to prove the durability of such foods.

Jennifer Lovedahl from Alaska, upload a photo resep seblak asal bandung which consists of potatoes and fried chicken.

In the description of the photo it says already bought the food since six years ago and just lay it in his Office.

"I've let him away with it for so long and the food is not rotting, moldy, or broken altogether. The aroma is like cardboard, "wrote Lovdahl in the description of the photo.

Not only photos, some people also upload videos to prove that fast food is really not rot.

Someone in Michigan, United States, also never save the cheeseburger from a fast-food restaurant for two years and does not rot or damaged at all.

Doctorate from the Department of Food Science and Quality Assurance at the University of Guelp, Keith Warriner says food-fast food it's not rotting or damaged, when the food under certain conditions.

Warriner said basically, the Microbe that causes food to rot in need of water, nutrients, warmth and time to grow. If one of these things does not exist, then the microbes can't grow and spoil the food.

"In the sample the burger, patty lost the water in the form of steam during the cooking process. While the bagel was already through the roasting process reduces the amount of kelembapannya. This means that once the cooked hamburger is actually pretty dry, "said Warriner cited from Independent.

He continued, when silenced at room temperature, the burger would lose more water, about 40 percent to keep the humidity. At the moment there is no humidity in the air is moist food while high, the burger just dries up, it does not rot.

In addition, the high temperatures when cooking also kills the bacteria have been found in the burger so that burger could not be broken.



Yahoo! continue to make efficiencies. The reason, they hope the company will have a brighter future. For that matter, Yahoo! did massive trimming.

One of them is the Canal Yahoo! Food. This sudden makes the culinary fats had to willingly lose one source of information worldwide.

At the beginning of this year, Yahoo! announced they would cut 15 percent of its employees, who will make the company operate more effectively.

"We want to encourage and increase the efficiency of income by 2016 and beyond," says the Editor of Yahoo! Kerry Diamond, was quoted as saying the Daily Meal. kokimganteng

The new plan from the company the search engine giant is closing pages news, which amounted to 15. However, some topics will still be there, even though it will be relocated to the Canal of Yahoo! News. Some other closed canals such as Yahoo! Health, Parenting, Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Makers, Travel, Autos, Yahoo! Real Estate and Yahoo!.

Later, during these last few months, CEO of Yaho Marissa Mayer who was blamed for a number of decisions of the leadership who rated poorly. In addition, the company also rated morale declines sharply. Thus, a Yahoo investors, such as the Starboard Value campaigns in favor of the existence of management changes and a new strategy

For culinary enthusiasts, of course food resep pancake durian medan asli is crucial. Adventures and tours, for they surely related to culinary. Often they are to answer time deliberately go hunting for new food in all directions.

Related to this, the emergence of a new restaurant with a menu resep pastel goreng yang krispy that is published, the drool so fun things for the foodies.

For them, the menu called strange or remote locations, so its own challenges. Call it the Ant and Kangaroo tail dishes in restaurant menu pop-up Noma's in Sydney. In addition, there is a marmot is converted into the authentic dishes in New York.

Here are the 10 most unusual restaurants in the whole world who can enter a list of travel in 2016: CNN


Adelaide may not be the first choice of someone to disambangi. But when speaking of food, the place could be an option.

In this city there is a restaurant Osteria Oggi, which opened in September 2015. Place in Pirie Street 76 is famous for the fresh pasta. In addition, there is tripe, beef tongue, and bone marrow for those fond of rustic menu.


It's been no secret that seek to change Macau's reputation as a city of gambling. Part of the effort is to bring the world's most famous chefs.

Hide Yamamoto is the latest chef in Studio City, a complex for US $ 3 billion in a Hollywood themed Estrada Flor de Lotus, Macau. Through the hands of Yamamoto's cold, you can enjoy flying fish from Tsukiji market in Tokyo for a menu of sushi, then there's the robata grilled wagyu and ramen noodles served with a 110-year-old ancient technique.


Peru cuisine continues to spread globally, was no exception in Dubai with the opening of Coya in 2015. It had previously been a major success when it opened in London. Menu seafood cheviche is the main attraction. In addition, there is also a special dish like beef heart served with spicy sauce.


Jamie Oliver gave Gregory Marchand name Frenchie is when she worked for him at restaurant Fifteen. Marchand eventually agrees with that name and wore it for a Paris bistro in the District of Les Halles. This time, he was preparing the opening the restaurant in London's Covent Garden. Will be called a classic bistro dish with smoked fish and charcuterie that will become its main dishes.

New York

Duo chef Daniel Humm and Will Guidara can proudly hang the three Michelin star for the restaurant recently named Made Nice, which comes with the concept of affordable healthy food.


Urban Grill became Ghana's best restaurant that serves steak. Used imported beef from Nebraska, United States and cooked over charcoal. In addition to American, Urban Grill also had Latin masakal from Chef Andrew DiCataldo.


Chefs praise Michelin, Marc Gascons promises a fresh interpretation of the combination of Mediterranean cuisine and Catalan style at his new restaurant El Informal. There are dishes in the form of a honey sweet gnocchi with black truffles or roasted young goat meat with olive oil.

While there is no shortage of top local flavor are sensational in Viet Nam, where it turns out there are also international fine dining restaurant. The innovation is the novice restaurant Maison 1888 from the Da Nang Peninsula InterContinental Resort.

Now the Maison dinahkodai 1888 Pierre Gagnaire who took over the position from the legendary chef Michel Roux by 2015.

Rio de Janeiro

With Olympic fever, all eyes are once again fixed on the Rio. So also the culinary affair, Cozinha Artagao, in Rio, the latest restaurant serves feijoada, caipirinha and churrascaria that is guaranteed to make your tongue wiggling.


In the shadow of the Church of St. Sulpice Street located in Saint Germain des Pres, David Lanher has his newest venture in Paris form a restaurant serving home-cooked cuisine in a friendly environment. Since it opened in 2015lalu, Le Bon Saint Pourcain has won many hearts fans of local and international culinary
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