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matt dammon

matt dammon

matt dammon

The success of The film The Martian turns out brings inspiration to a producer of potatoes in the United States to do a promotion in a different way. They brought in Matt Damon among a pile of potatoes.

resep capcay kuah by kokimgantengThis is done to promote potato potato company sold by The Albert Bartlett. The company is working with 20th Century Fox to bring the Martian accessories in the sales of their products. Sales promotions such as this is done in various supermarkets in the country that Uncle Sam.

The photo depicts a pile of potato baskets tucked the photos resep bakwan jagung ajaran ibu Matt Damon plugged in online forums and become netizen discussion Reddit. Matt Damon's face image that exists in the Martian poster looks staring at visitors who want to take the potatoes. This picture any time invite any comments.

"They are seriously losing the potential marketing of potatoes," wrote tepkel.

"Star Wars got oranges. the Martian had potatoes, "wrote Jaspers47.

"Severe Ridley Scott. I'm sure he was trying to make people go into nature, Prometheus Alien, Blade Runner, "wrote the Beard Guy.

In addition to asking permission for 20th Century Fox to attach attributes to the Martian potato company party, it also gives the lure of free tours for buyers of potatoes to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Purpose is to make customers can really experience as in the scenes of The film The Martian that.

The Martian is a film about the struggle of life Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon on Mars. Once, Watney was a botanist who was trapped when a mission to Mars until she had to grow potatoes for food and fuel to survive and wait for help.

The film had a cost of $ 108 million in the box office revenue reached $ 614.4 million. The Martian pun was awarded a Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, some of which was nominated for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay
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