Scientific Reason Fast Food Is Not Easily Broken

Fast food is resep soto ayam asli madura indeed practical and often publish their saliva. But, many also research that proves fast food is bad for health.

On the other hand, fast food fans do weird experiments to prove the durability of such foods.

Jennifer Lovedahl from Alaska, upload a photo resep seblak asal bandung which consists of potatoes and fried chicken.

In the description of the photo it says already bought the food since six years ago and just lay it in his Office.

"I've let him away with it for so long and the food is not rotting, moldy, or broken altogether. The aroma is like cardboard, "wrote Lovdahl in the description of the photo.

Not only photos, some people also upload videos to prove that fast food is really not rot.

Someone in Michigan, United States, also never save the cheeseburger from a fast-food restaurant for two years and does not rot or damaged at all.

Doctorate from the Department of Food Science and Quality Assurance at the University of Guelp, Keith Warriner says food-fast food it's not rotting or damaged, when the food under certain conditions.

Warriner said basically, the Microbe that causes food to rot in need of water, nutrients, warmth and time to grow. If one of these things does not exist, then the microbes can't grow and spoil the food.

"In the sample the burger, patty lost the water in the form of steam during the cooking process. While the bagel was already through the roasting process reduces the amount of kelembapannya. This means that once the cooked hamburger is actually pretty dry, "said Warriner cited from Independent.

He continued, when silenced at room temperature, the burger would lose more water, about 40 percent to keep the humidity. At the moment there is no humidity in the air is moist food while high, the burger just dries up, it does not rot.

In addition, the high temperatures when cooking also kills the bacteria have been found in the burger so that burger could not be broken.
03/22/2016 23:04:42
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