Yahoo! Closed Culinary Page




Yahoo! continue to make efficiencies. The reason, they hope the company will have a brighter future. For that matter, Yahoo! did massive trimming.

One of them is the Canal Yahoo! Food. This sudden makes the culinary fats had to willingly lose one source of information worldwide.

At the beginning of this year, Yahoo! announced they would cut 15 percent of its employees, who will make the company operate more effectively.

"We want to encourage and increase the efficiency of income by 2016 and beyond," says the Editor of Yahoo! Kerry Diamond, was quoted as saying the Daily Meal. kokimganteng

The new plan from the company the search engine giant is closing pages news, which amounted to 15. However, some topics will still be there, even though it will be relocated to the Canal of Yahoo! News. Some other closed canals such as Yahoo! Health, Parenting, Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Makers, Travel, Autos, Yahoo! Real Estate and Yahoo!.

Later, during these last few months, CEO of Yaho Marissa Mayer who was blamed for a number of decisions of the leadership who rated poorly. In addition, the company also rated morale declines sharply. Thus, a Yahoo investors, such as the Starboard Value campaigns in favor of the existence of management changes and a new strategy
02/20/2016 23:46:04
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